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I have been into entertainment since I was 5 from dancing like Micheal Jackson and break dancing. To singing in choirs and getting into rap. Early on influences were Sugar hill gang, and all 80’s artist, along with Motown, but on the Christian side Carmen, Kirk Franklin, then D C talk and our youth choir was practicing one of there songs and my friend Julia beat me for the solo rap parts for Jesus is still Alright. Ever since I have practiced my craft cause I don’t like to lose. Other influences are Tupac, Snoop, Ice Cube, Ice T, lil Wayne, ludacris, lil Jon, Antonious, T-Bone, Lecrae, Canton Jones, messengja, Tedashii, kJ-52 , Eminem, OutKast, Kanye West, Common,Q-tip, Mos-Def, Nas, Biggie and etc. My focus and mission is pushing the message of Jesus Christ.

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