Taking over for the kingdom of Heaven

I am G.O.V.( God's Ordained Visionary) my real name is Ronnell Johnson. I am the CO of my own entertainment company.As well as a Christian rap artist, producer. My company is called G.A.V.E. which stands for God's Anointed Visionary Entertainment. I am starting with hip hop but my goal is to branch out into every aspect of entertainment For the kingdom Of Heaven. I have released one E.P. Album with tunecore and united masters, On Feb 1 2021 My first full Album will be released entitled Better days thru distro kid. Fun fact about me I am also a youth sports coach. I am currently enrolled at LARS( Los angeles Recording School) For music production. My accomplishments mean the world to me because they have been years in the making. I thought that it was gonna happen for me when I was  younger, but God had a different plan.I can not only make beats but also mix and master your songs. I am a people person and my goal is to help people. I'm not here to take from anybody that works or signs with me but to add and help them to make their money. If your looking to get into the entertainment business and you are saved, have a vision, have a heart like unto Christ and have heart for people's souls please contact me. If you know how to build websites, how to handle social media, how to do artwork ( ie posters, flyers, cd covers,) computer animation vor music videos or etc, and your in school needing an internship contact me as well. Contact Info: godsanointedvisionaryentertainment336@gmail.com, phone: 336-541-3688. Also you can check out these links below to keep up with us on social media. Always remember THE DAY IS ALWAYS DARKEST BEFORE DAWN, BUT YOUR BETTER DAYS ARE ON THE HORIZON


We are a Christian Entertainment label


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